My name is Teddy Knudsen and I was born September 21th 1947 in South Zealand in Denmark. I am educated as a cabinetmaker in 1967 and from October 1967 until October 1968 I was a guard soldier in The Danish Air Force, stationed on a radarstation. I started to make pipes to the staff in my off duty time and they were sold as soon as they were finished. This was how I found out that pipes should be my life.

My present status as a pipe maker is this:

I live in the city of Aarhus. I have a workshop at: Dalvangen 3,
8270 Højbjerg, Denmark,
Mobile: +45 6077 8927,

From this workshop the pipes continue to be sold to the most well reputated pipe shops in Russia, China, Japan and USA.

The pipes are made of Corsican and Mediterranean Briar. I import the briar myself and also sell briar to other pipemakers.

Mouthpieces are made out of ebonite. Other materials I use for the pipes are: Horn, Pokkenholt, Silver, Gold, Artificial Amber, Boxwood and Olive Wood which is my favorite.

My eagle stamp is a special quality stamp for the best and the most valuable of my pipes.
I also make pipes that wears double eagle stamps.

The pipes on this web site have all been sold, but the shape can be reproduced on order.

The web site is made for you, so that you can see samples of my products. These samples will be changed continually.

The shop prices are approximately  $8.000 - $70.000+ (USD).

I hope you will enjoy looking at my web site and maybe you will be interested in my pipes.

I wish you happy smoking!

Opus One Calabash, Double eagle 2015